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How to add NDIS Plan Management in my NDIS plan?

'Improved Life Choices' option in your NDIS plan is Plan Management (Financial Administration).


This covers NDIS Plan Management which means you are NDIS Plan Managed. If missed initially to add this option, you can ask for review to add this option. If your plan meeting or review is in nearby future then you can request in plan meeting or at review meeting.

Once you request for this option to be included, it will be included in your NDIS Plan. This covers all plan management expenses. This fee does not get deducted from your NDIS funding. This fees are paid separately by NDIS. Hence, it does not cost you anything to get this holistic service. We at Yogi Care NDIS Plan Management Service Provider specialize in this service.

Remember plan management is all about financial administration. Hence, it can be very stressful and/or time consuming for you. So Join us today. Let us serve you.

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