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What is NDIS Plan Management ?

NDIS allocates funding to participants (people with disability) to maintain and achieve their goals and objectives. The Registered NDIS Plan Management (some people also refer it as NDIS Financial Plan Management) will manage the funding on their behalf. Participant can stay stress free.


Yogi Care is one of the registered NDIS Financial Plan Management provider. We will deal all your financials regarding NDIS funding. This makes you stress free from this financial administrative work. We are not an average Plan Manager, we are professional accountant in public practice. We have expertise that you deserve. We are the one of partners in your NDIS journey who looks after the NDIS funding.


While plan managed, the participant can receive service (supports) from both NDIS registered service providers and non-registered service providers. However, we as plan manager MUST be NDIS registered provider.  

ndis plan management adelaide
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