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Thank you for deciding to use Yogi Care Plan Management as your Plan Management.

We are here to take the stress out of the NDIS. 

In order to get setup, please:

  1. Email your NDIS plan through to or MMS the funding pages through to  040 55 73 239.  Feel free to contact us if you require another method.

  2. Complete our service agreement which we will email you for signature. We are accepting digital signature too

  3. We will give you a call, introduce ourselves and see if there is any other queries, we can assist you with.

Are you Changing from another plan manager mid plan?

No worries, if the setup fee has already been claimed we can waive the fee. In order to swap you will need to follow the standard setup steps, plus the ones below:

  1. Notify your existing plan manager

  2. Collect evidence of service bookings being cancelled and showing remaining funding. The outgoing plan manager should be able to provide a screenshot. If not give us a call and we can help.

We recommend the outgoing plan manager completely cancel all bookings, and we can take over once they have been cancelled.

We are here at every step for you to help.

Upon receiving this form, we will contact you to arrange time to sign up the service agreement.

For privacy policy please visit

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