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How can I change from my existing NDIS Plan Manager and join Yogi Care Plan Manager ?

It is very simple and easy to change your existing plan manager and join Yogi Care Plan Management. 

Just sign up with us at any time. Click the Join us button and sign up. 

Follow below steps if joining us at mid plan

  1. Notify your existing plan manager that you are ceasing engagement with them.

  2. Collect evidence of service bookings being cancelled and showing remaining funding. The outgoing plan manager should be able to provide a screenshot. If not give us a call and we can help.

We recommend the outgoing plan manager completely cancel all bookings, and we can take over once they have been cancelled.

Isn't that easy as 1,2,3 ? We ensure you that we will take away the NDIS financial administration stress away from you.

Remember, Yogi Care is not an average plan management service provider. We are professional accountant in public practice. Moreover, we consider plan managing financial administrative service the Holistic Financial Service.

And we are independent! It means we only provide this NDIS service. No conflict of interest with us.

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