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Why Plan Management?

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Why Plan Management?: Services
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Plan Management

      The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is giving flexible support under your own control to meet your short term, medium term and long-term goals as support for people with disability.

      Your goals may be becoming more independent, learning new skills, developing skills, enrolling and completing education, getting and/or keeping jobs, becoming more active in community, making more friends,…etc

To meet any goals and to achieve them you need realistic approach and budget.

When we talk about budget – NDIS allocates you funding which can be managed in 3 ways.

 First way, NDIA Managed (Agency Managed) is default type which is looked after by NDIS. It has many restrictions placed on which service providers you can use and how much you can spend on them.

Second way, Self-managed where you will be self-managing your NDIS funding. Self-management can be stressful. You may to spend few more hours to keep records, update service providers payment, manage the bookkeeping and budgeting work. It also comes with many responsibilities as

  1. Participating in any payment auditing where you will need to provide invoices, receipts or other evidence to show you have spent your funds in-line with your NDIS plan. You also need to keep records of invoices, receipts for remittance.

  2. Advising the NDIA of any significant changes in your circumstances that may result in you being unable to meet your responsibilities as a self-manager.

  3. Showing how you’ve used your self-managed funding towards reaching your goals at your plan review.

  4.  Making clear agreements with your providers about the supports you will receive including how they will be provided and paid for.

Question is, Are you going to spend your time for those work which can be stressful for you?

Another issue is, you may have less time left at the end of the day or week for yourself or your loved ones. Therefore, you will be missing that balance that every person needs in order to stay happy, healthy and not burn out.

If you have spare time then why not spend this time in achieving your goals and spending quality time with friends and family?

When the Plan Management does NOT additionally cost you anything.

Let us take your stress out of the NDIS.


You only need to request NDIS to add plan-managed funding also known as Life Improved Choice (Plan Management). NDIS will add this for you - no questions asked !!

The third and final way is using Plan Management. We are plan manager. It does not additionally cost you anything. Be sure to request plan-managed funding (Improved Life Choices) in your funding. If you have not requested then you can request it at any time.

We work with you to help you maximize the benefit of your NDIS funding. It offers flexibility and no hassle for you. We at Yogi Care will take care of all those works with best interest for you. We take holistic approach to help you. 

Why Plan Management?: Text
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