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5 Things you should be considering as an NDIS participant

The NDIS can feel like you are going through a maze, but do not worry as in this article, we will be providing you with tips on things you should look out for:

1.Prepare for your Plan Meeting/ Plan Review

We always stress the importance of clearly stating your goals from the very start as this will dictate the output of your funding. Start with your current challenges from the moment you wake up to going to bed -by identifying these you will be able to create goals for yourself. Next is to list down what supports and services you need, set expectations not only to yourself but to your service providers as well

2. Be aware of the supports and how to access them

Sometimes, participants find it hard to communicate or ask questions, but take courage to really ask and clarify things as there might be some things/support you need which are not funded by the NDIS, which could mean a potential out-of-pocket expense on your end. Take for example, if one of your goals is to finish a course in a University, remember that the NDIS will not pay for your course fees but rather it can pay someone to assist you while attending your course. The most practical thing to do is to have a family member sit in with you during your Plan Meeting or Plan Review

3. Understand your Plan

The key to maximizing your plan is to understand it. Participants could either end up underspending or overspending their NDIS plan and we do not want that to happen. The underlying cause here is really being able to understand your plan and explore your options on how to maximize it. There are repercussions when you underspent your plan and this may impact your next funding. Overspending your plan could also mean an out-of-pocket expense on your end, which we also do not want. So ask as many questions as you can and know your options on how to manage your funding so that you do not have to focus on paper works and just keep your eyes on your goals

4. Never assume

That supports will automatically be ‘as is’ once you have your new plan. If you wish to continue dealing with your current providers, it is best to always communicate with them and inform them that you are continuing your partnership and that you need to get a service agreement again

5.Ask for options

With the complexity of the NDIS, give yourself a break from confusion and the stress of doing everything on your own. Ask for options in managing your funds and it will surely take out the stress in managing paper works. Know your options and assess which one suits you.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you want to navigate your way through a stress-free NDIS journey? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and know how to maximize your options.

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