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Replacing your AT

When the time comes that your AT no longer needs repairs, but a replacement, the NDIA will be able to provide support to help you replace your existing AT . Not even all AT replacement requires an assessment.

You do not need to have an AT assessment if :

  • The reason for replacement is not in any way due to misuse or neglect.

  • It is no longer in good working condition and cannot beyond repair.

  • It costs more than $1,500 but less than $15, 000 .

  • It has outgrown you or does not fit you anymore.

  • It has reached the end of its service .

  • The damage can possibly result to high risk injuries .

A new AT assessment may be required, when:

  • The replacement for new AT needs to be customised to fit your new needs.

  • There are significant factors to support a new AT assessment.

Supporting documents required

1) Proof that you are already using the AT you want to replace

This is important as a proof of the duration of how long you have used your AT , it also shows the length of the AT’s service. Important information that the NDIA looks into are: tax invoice ,purchase order, order confirmation from a service provider ,repair history

2) Evidence of no change to functional capacity

3) Evidence of the cost

The NDIA will require a quotation for the cost of the new AT . In the event that you have already provided the NDIA with a quote within the last three months and you have not received the AT yet, you no longer have to provide a new one.

If you need help in selecting the appropriate AT that will fit your needs, you may use your Capacity building supports-Improved daily living. For new ATs , and you need support with setting it up and learning how to use and take care of it you can directly ask assistance from your service provider as they can provide you with the right information and even training . All these can be included in their quote for replacement.

Do you have n NDIS plan and you need someone to assist you with your AT? Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and allow us to help you process invoices for your AT.

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