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Incontinence supports and the NDIS

Are you suffering from incontinence due to the result of your disability? Do you need to purchase incontinence aids to help you live an independent life? If you are caught standing on the grey area of whether or not you can claim funding for this, we will be providing you with information to answer your questions.

In essence, the NDIA will grant funding to a participant as long as it is reasonable and necessary. The need for funding should be related to the impact of your disability. This means that if incontinence is an impact of your disability and you need to purchase incontinence aids ,then the straight answer is YES. These aids are funded under Core supports -consumables.

How to get started?

Although there will be changes mid this year and it has stated that the weight of gathering proof of disability is removed from the participant’s part, it is still important to do small steps to fortify your support and services . During your assessment ,make sure that you mention incontinence in relation to your disability and how it is affecting your daily function. If you have medical records as proof of your incontinence issues, then it may help establishing your on going need. You may also mention how the current actions you have taken to temporarily address your condition. Consider the following:

  • How does incontinence affect your daily function?

  • What products are you using to address your condition?

  • Are the products effective and able to help you achieve your condition? Does it make you live better? or just a mere temporary relief?

  • Can your incontinence be better managed? If so, how?

  • What other supports do you need in relation to your incontinence? Do you need a support worker? An AT?

  • How does your incontinence impede your NDIS goals?

Examples of incontinence aids:


pull-up pants

protective sheets

pads for chairs

pads for beds


penile sheaths

What will happen to your other state related funding ?

It is important to note that your other state related and other supports will cease upon the implementation of your NDIS plan.

Additional tips:

You may ask from your service provider if they can offer a service wherein you can also charge the storage of some of your bulky incontinence aids. Another hack is to ensure that the delivery charge for your incontinence aids will be included in your plan.

Do you need help in accessing reliable service providers which offer incontinence aids? Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and gain access to both NDIS registered to non-registered service providers.

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