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Accessing communication aids through the different NDIS funding

Communication is important to everyone as it provides an opportunity to express one's thoughts, ideas, and emotions. It forms an integral part of human interaction. This also poses a lot of benefits to people living with disabilities as it empowers them to express themselves, choose what they think is best for themselves and it boosts self-esteem and confidence. Additional supports are needed for people with disabilities as they may require some tools or aids that will help them communicate and express themselves better. Once you become an NDIS participant, it is important that you discuss what ATs you need in relation to your disability and the goals stipulated in your plan.

You can use your core funding as your means to support you in purchasing communication aids and tools. Under the consumables, you can use this to pay for low-risk AAC, this does not need any service agreement nor an assessment to purchase the item. These are items not exceeding $1500. The beauty of core supports is that it is flexible, thus you may reallocate some of your funds under this category to pay for your additional communication aids/tools.

Examples of low-risk ACC:

Community request cards

Task cards

Communication board

Activity board

Communication books and boards

Sensory tools

These items are affordable, accessible, and readily available. They do not require any special setup instructions, it is like on-the-go materials you can purchase. Another way to use your NDIS funding to purchase your communication aids is through your capital supports -assistive technology. The intent for this funding is to purchase highly specialized assistive technology, for some are even custom-made to fit the specific needs of the participant in relation to the disability. For items over $5000, you need to have a quote and a report from your therapist regarding the need to purchase by explaining how the technology or equipment will pave the way towards reaching your goals and how it suits you as well. If you have AT in your plan, you can use your capacity-building -improved daily living budget to ask for independent advisor support about your AT requirement.

If you are still unsure what communication aids will suit you or you need additional funding, we recommend you to do the following:

· Talk with your LAC or Support Coordinator and open up to them that you need help regarding suitable communication aids for you.

· Another option is to reassess whether you want plan renewal, this means that your plan will stay the same as you think that it is still perfectly suited and aid towards reaching your goals.

· Plan review is the best opportunity for you to not only showcase your wins and the goals unlocked but also the great opportunity for you to reassess and discuss supports and services that need more funding like AT or consumables. It is best that when you deem you need an AT that costs $5000, prepare all the details like a quotation, assessment, and the likes. This way, it saves you a lot of time and will hopefully speed up the process.

Do you need assistance in purchasing your AT? Allow us to help you, choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and we will take you to the process without being stressed.

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