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Activating your NDIS plan

Once you receive the good news that your plan has been approved, your Local Area Coordinator should be calling you within 48 hrs upon receipt of the plan. Your LAC will be responsible for explaining to you how to use the myplace portal and give you an activation code. The purpose of this code is for you to create an account on the myplace portal. This is the platform that allows a participant, nominee, or representative to access all NDIS related information about the participant. This is a very convenient tool set up for the participants where they can access their personal information, referrals, access to upcoming events, access to a list of service providers, make payment requests or claims, and manage service bookings.

Steps in activating your myPlace portal

Pre – requisite :

· MyGov Account

· Activation code

· Contact number that is registered in your mygov account

Creating your mygov account

  • Go to mygov account.

  • Create mygov account.

  • Click “Agree” to signify that you are amenable to the terms of use.

  • Input your email address, and a code will be given to you.

  • Enter the code and your contact number.

  • Create a password.

  • Your account is now activated.

Once you have successfully registered to mygov account, perform the following steps:

· Go to

· Click on portal sign in.

· From the drop-down menu, select myplace participant portal.

· Log in using your mygov account details and click sign in.

· Enter verification code – the NDIS will be sending an SMS to make sure that it is really you accessing the account. If you did not receive any activation code, you may click the “ I did not get my code” , to generate another code. If you are still experiencing an error, you might want to check the number you registered when you created your mygov account.

· You will be asked to key in the NDIS activation code provided by your LAC . It is important to note that your NDIS activation code will only be valid for 10 days. If you have registered way past the expiration date, you may ask for another activation code from the NDIA.

· Key in your last name and date of birth

· Click Submit

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