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Apps which Fill Gaps

Living with a disability can be challenging but thanks to technology it aids in living a stress-free life. There are many apps emerging these days which alleviate barriers that people with disabilities experience. This article will highlight some apps which fill gaps so that people with disabilities will still be able to live comfortably and independently.

Apps for hearing loss

Rogervoice Caption Calls

This app facilitates communication by captioning phone chats to tailor fit the needs of someone with hearing loss issues. It also facilitates communication for people having difficulty speaking by transcribing voice messages into text and then make them audible.


Is a hearing aid amplifier app, it aids to assist people having difficulty hearing in social settings.

National Relay Service (NRS)

This app allows the person to make phone calls by transcribing audio into text messages .

RIDBC Auslan Tutor Key Signs//Auslan Storytime

This app provides assistance to children with hearing loss enjoy story time in a language they understand.

Apps for communication


Is a voice recognition app that will allow people with speech disabilities to speak and communicate naturally.


Is picture-based communication to facilitate learning and communication despite the communication challenges.


This app allows the person to construct and speak sentences. It has a unique feature that allows the person to choose over 100 different voices to use.


Is a text-to-speech app that based its suggestions according to the phrase or word history of the user. It has an added personalized feature that allows the person to generate his/ her own voice.

Apps for vision loss

Be My Eyes (Free)

Is an app that connects the vision-impaired individual to a volunteer via a video connection. The volunteer will serve as the “eyes” and act as the person’s guide navigating the environment.

Seeing AI (Free)

Is an app similar to that of the “be my eyes”, it is just that instead of a volunteer, it uses an AI to help you navigate or see things.

Apps for learning

Sheechify Text Reader

Is an app that transcribes the context of what you have read into an audiobook to facilitate more retention of the information.

Khan Academy Kids

Is an app that aims to help hone the child’s reading and writing skills in a fun and interactive way.

Todo Maths

Is an app similar to that of Khan Academy Kids, it is just that it focuses more on building your child’s Math skills.

Other useful apps :


Wheelmate-Is an app that helps in identifying places that are accessible for people using wheelchairs. Wheelmap is focused more on identifying bathrooms and parking lots that are wheelchair accessible.

Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker

is an app that helps track the person’s compliance on his/her medication, mood, and weight.


Is an app that helps people verbalize or express their emotions in a healthy way.

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