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Bird’s eye view of the specialist disability accommodation

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Specialist disability accommodation or SDA is a range of housing approved by the NDIA tailored fit for people with higher needs. SDA is offered by different SDA providers which passed the NDIA specified requirements.NDIA has developed SDA Design Standard which entails detailed design requirements which should be followed by a newly built SDA. The standard has 4 categories: Improved Liveability, Robust, Fully Accessible, and High Physical Support.

SDA funding is dedicated to the cost of the home/apartment or building you live in which means you still need to pay for your rent, personal care supports, or other supports you need while living in SDA. You are probably wondering if you are eligible for SDA or not, well most people under the NDIS do not need to live in SDA.NDIA has provided a Home and Living Supports request form that participants can fill out. This will be a great tool for the NDIA to discuss the home and living supports that best tailored to fit the participant’s needs. To quote, these are also some of the questions mentioned on the NDIS website which the NDIA considers on whether or not SDA is the right fit for you.

1. Do you have an extreme functional impairment? -proof from your GP about your medical condition, daily support requirements, loads of person-to-person support.

2. Do you have an SDA needs requirement?-Is SDA really the best option for you to achieve your goals.

3.Is SDA reasonable and necessary for you ?-Is SDA beneficial for you in terms of your long-term goals. Will SDA provide great value for money by reducing other costs of your supports?

If you have decided to pursue your application, you may get in touch with your LAC or Support Coordinator and discuss how to go about the process. The standard waiting time for this process is usually 10 days, should you not be granted with SDA, it is important to note that SDA is just ONE of the support options and NDIA may offer you other options that are best fitting to your needs.

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