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Capacity building at a glance

This article will discuss one of the supports that NDIS funds which allow participants to reach their goal- Capacity Building Supports. These supports are intended to help participants develop and learn new skills and achieve full independence. The supports under Capacity Building will be anchored based on your needs, as well as your short and long-term goals which you have stipulated during your Plan Meeting with your LAC or Support Coordinator. Under Capacity Building Supports are 9 categories, but allow us to clear the air that this does not mean that there will be guaranteed funding to each of the 9 categories. That is why we always put emphasis on how you carefully state what your goals are so that you will be able to access the right supports for you.

Capacity Building Supports categories:

Support Coordination is rendered by a Support Coordinator who happens to be a service provider. It is a fixed amount of funding. It is the responsibility of a Support Coordinator to help you understand your plan, connect with service providers in relation to your needs and goals. It will help if the Support Coordinator will be present during your Plan Meeting

Improved Living Arrangements if one of your goals is to live independently, then this funding might suit you as it is intended to help you look for shared or independent accommodation that suits your needs

Increased Social and Community Participation this funding allows you to access local community events as well as social and recreational activities

Finding and Keeping a Job this funding is intended to support you all throughout your journey from finding a job to staying with your job. A provider may assist you by giving training, assessments that will make you job-ready. They can even talk to employers to look for job fit opportunities

Improved Relationships this allows you to develop and maintain positive relationships by funding behavior intervention or behavior management programs

Improved Health and Wellbeing this funding helps you manage the impact of your disability through exercise and diet advice. For example, if you need help with meal preparation or making a healthy hearty meal for you, then you may tap a professional to do it for you and the NDIS can cover their fees

Improved Learning this funding aims to support you with solidifying your qualifications by allowing you to access training, traineeship, and universities. You can even hire a support worker to assist you when you attend your classes. It is important to note though that the NDIA highlighted specific supports that can be accessed through this funding

Improved Choices this funding is intended for you to decide on how you manage your funding

Improved Daily Living this funding includes therapy providers such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist which will help you improve your mobility in order to achieve full independence

Capacity Building Supports are not flexible like the Core Supports. You cannot use or reallocate funding from a specific category and move it to another category. There is a wide range of supports under Capacity Building and the key to maximizing it is to carefully plan and state the goals you want to achieve.

Allow us to help you focus on your self-work and let us do the paper works. Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and unleash the best version of yourself.

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