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Choice and control

Two powerful words which we often hear when we tackle NDIS. The current NDIS system is designed to allow its participants to have the free will to choose and take charge of their journey. From crafting goals, managing funds, and choosing service providers -these are all in YOUR hands. The NDIS and your family are just there to support you and should not in any way dictate any aspects of your NDIS journey. Just think of it as you being the driver who is in authority as to where you are going, who you want to ride with, and how you are going to maximize your fuel-NDIS funds.

There are many practical ways wherein you can practice choice and control over your NDIS funding:

1. Understand your plan

This is important since the NDIS involves a lot of subcategories per support. When you have better understanding with your plan, you can practice choice and control as you know your options in utilizing or maximizing your plan. Like how to reallocate funding under your Core Budget supports .Failing to understand your plan might lead you to being frustrated as you assume that you cannot do anything about it and you feel that you are put in the box, which is not.

2.Ask for options

Do not just settle with one option handed to you. Always ask for options say, for example, you are not happy with your plan then do something about it . You can always ask options on what to do so that your plan will be able to help you achieve your goals, if you will not be able to pass for a new plan then you will always have the option to use your “flexible” budget to reallocate some funding to pay for the more important supports and services. If you are not happy with your service providers, ask or look for other options and assess which one is aligned with your values and will help you achieve your goals. If you are stressed out with having to manage your funding, the NDIA offers 2 other options for you to manage your NDIS funds.

3. Do your research

This comes in handy especially when you choose your service providers. Since the NDIA gives you the freedom to choose what services and who will deliver them to you, do a lot of research from different social media platforms to see the integrity of the service provider/s you are eyeing at. Another example is when you need to purchase an AT especially the ones which are costly and need modification, practice choice, and control by researching for providers who are experienced in the industry and who can accommodate the NDIS required documents. As discussed during the past article, a specialized AT requires additional documents and assessments as well before the funding will be approved.

4. Understanding reasonable and necessary

When you understand the NDIS’ definition of what is reasonable and necessary, it may open to a lot of options for you to choose from

5. Tap your support system

The NDIS alone has designed a support system for you and they are your partners in the community like- Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Early Intervention Partners and Support Coordinators, all of them exist to support you in providing you with information so that you can make an informed decision about your plan.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you want to have choice and control over your service providers? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and allow us to help you take charge with your NDIS journey.

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