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Common mistakes that people make with their NDIS plan

NDIS can be a lengthy process, especially if you make common mistakes that many others make before creating a plan. Here are the few common mistakes outlined and how to avoid them for your future NDIS plan meeting.

1. Be ready for your plan meeting

Preparation is key to having a successful NDIS plan meeting. Too often are people not organised for their plan meeting. It is important that you provide the Planner or your Local Area Coordinator the relevant and important documents, assessments and reports so that they know what types of support you may need. Your Local Area Coordinator will help you start off with creating your very own, personal plan. The LAC will also help you use and understand your plan.

2. Be ready to discuss your goals and your ambitions on what you want to achieve

Having a clear goal will allow to have a clear vision of your end result. Some people don’t have a clear outline of what they enjoy and what they want to achieve, this makes the process of planning difficult and time consuming. When attending a planning meeting, discuss the goals you have in mind, activities that you enjoy or tasks that are important to you. You and your LAC will talk about what you would like to achieve. Some examples of your goals can be:

- Being able to go on public transport independently

- Learning how to cook and clean so that you are able to be in control of your own home

- Finding a job that interests you and being able to keep the job

3. Spend your NDIS plan budget

Some people underspend their funds. This is a problem as it shows the NDIA that the fund is not being utilised appropriately and as effectively as it could be. This may result the reduction of the amount of fund allocated to you. The reason why participants are underspending can be due to the fear of overspending. This is where Yogi Care can help.

Yogi Care is a trusted organisation that allows you to relax and not worry about over or under spending. Yogi care keeps NDIS participants up to date with periodic reports and balance statements of their NDIS fund. This allows NDIS participants to not under or overspend their budget. Note that this organisation provides plan management for free if you have “improve life choices” on your NDIS plan. “Improved life choices” covers all cost of this service. If interested or have inquires, contact or call 08 7082 5555 for more information.

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