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Connecting with an early childhood partner

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

As a parent, it can be a tough battle responding to your child's needs. Yogi Care understands the value of opening that unique window of opportunity for your child in order for him or her to achieve his /her goals in life. In its simplest definition, your NDIS Early Childhood Partner is someone who works with you towards understanding the current needs of your child, gives information and, links a variety of support for your child. We have simplified the steps you need to take when meeting with your NDIS Early Childhood Partner :

  1. Browse through the NDIS website and search for contacts in your area. You can also tap your GP and get a referral form. Note that you do not need a formal diagnosis to get support for your child's needs.

  2. Expect that during your meeting with your Early Childhood Partner, your child will be assessed on how he/she plays, do things to take care of herself, socializes and, communicates needs and wants. The Early Childhood Partner may also ask for some information or reports that you might have that will be critical for his/her report. You may also share some information that made you assume or conclude that your child needs special support.

  3. Your Early Childhood Partner will then discuss with you the variety of services that will help address the needs of your child. Take note that your Early Childhood Partner is not there to make a diagnosis, should you need one, he/she can direct you to a GP.

Accessing services that can help your child achieve his/her goals is as important as the management of the child's NDIS Plan. When you choose to be Plan Managed, your energy and time will be focused on supporting your child's daily activities instead of processing payments and tons of workloads in his/ her plan. Yogi Care NDIS Plan Management offers its expertise in terms of financial management so that you will have to focus on your child and nothing else.

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