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Core supports at a glance

The NDIA acknowledges the fact that living with a disability impacts day-to-day living, that is why Core Supports are designed to give relief, assistance, and support that will help the participant alleviate their day-to-day struggles. The Core supports budget is the most flexible part of your budget, which means that you can reallocate your budget across any of the four sore support categories.

Anything that you use or do that helps you in your daily life could be included as Core support in your NDIS Plan. Some examples of core supports are as follows:

  • Accommodation

  • Consumable items-related to your disability

  • Visiting supports

  • Assistance with self-care activities like Showering/toileting

  • Budgeting assistance

  • Assistance with socialization like community programs and recreational activities

  • Provision of consumables and personal care products

  • Specialized transport in going to and from with your appointments

  • Assistance with housework

Core Support Categories you can use:

1.Assistance with daily life

This covers assistance with your daily needs like cleaning, yard maintenance, mowing your lawn, cooking, personal care, carry out health and fitness activities

2. Consumables

This covers items that will assist you in performing your day to day tasks one example is assistive technology

3. Assistance with social and community participation

This covers your access to social and community participation like joining sports, classes, and camps. You may also have a paid worker to assist you in joining these activities

4. Transport

This covers specialized transport especially if you are unable to use public transport due to your disability. This specialized transport will be used when you travel to work, attend activities, go to school, attend your therapy appointments, and any other places that will help you achieve your goals.

Maximize your Core Support

Just like any other funding, you can maximize your Core Supports by simply stating clear goals and demonstrate that it is reasonable and necessary.

If your goal is to improve your social skills, then it could be covered under your social and community participation budget. If you need to purchase assistive technology to assist you in moving around or assist you with your studies then you may claim it under your consumables.

Need help with what supports you could use? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and allow us to help you maximize your funding.

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