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Dementia and the NDIS

According to Dementia Australia “ In 2021, there are an estimated 472,000 Australians living with dementia” Having this number in mind tells about the increasing need for support for people suffering from this condition. The NDIS funds people suffering from dementia but how does it actually work? This article will hopefully give you guidance on how to access NDIS funds when you or your family member is suffering from this dementia.

Just like any NDIS related funding request, you need to qualify for the eligibility criteria and that includes age. It is a fact that the NDIS caters to individuals 65 years old and below, thus people with dementia over 65 are not covered. Those who will be covered are those who have early-onset dementia and that it will only fund supports that help the participant manage ongoing functional impairment that results from their disability. So again, it is clear that the NDIS is not about the diagnosis but rather the impact of the disability on the person.

Examples of NDIS supports might include:

· Local Area Coordination Support which will help you during your plan review to identify your needs, establish your goals, and connect you to the right supports and services

· Support coordination which will help you implement your plan and connect you with specialist and mainstream services

· Training for carers and family which helps in building the capacity and understanding of people who will be working with you

· Assistance with Daily Living tasks like self-care such as eating, dressing, showering, and toileting or support worker to assist you doing these activities

· Therapy supports like Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, or Physiotherapy to assist with strategies and other management like behavioral support

· AT needed for you to assist you with your daily needs like GPS devices, bed rails, and the likes

· Assistance with Social and Community Participation like access to community programs, support in attending to and from your social activities

· Individual employment support

Your diagnosis is not the end of your story. We can help you by choosing to be Plan Managed with us. With Yogi Care Plan Management you will be able to choose from NDIS registered service providers to non-registered.

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