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Disability related podcasts

With the rise of the technological era, everyone can easily get information anytime, anywhere right at the tip of their fingers. This becomes more beneficial to people living with a disability as access to information is easier and readily available. Podcasts are a great way to enjoy access to information. Here are the following podcasts which focus on disability-related topics.

Just be Yourself

Is a podcast that discusses current affairs, disability topics, and even touched on the NDIS.


Discusses common misconceptions about living with a disability.

Ouch !

A disability talk show centered in the UK but also touches topics from other countries. What makes it nice is that shares disability-related topics by interviewing people living with a disability.


This shares about personal experiences of people living with disability and listeners get the chance to hear pieces of advice from people who can relate to them.


Talks about winning and overcoming the challenges due to disability. It also discusses how special tools and equipment paved the way toward achieving their goals.

Reasonable and necessary

Discusses the NDIS and how Australians get to access and enjoy this support system.

One in five

Features a range of credible sources not only people living with a disability but also people who worked in the disability sector. The discussion focuses on how to improve the lives of people living with a disability

Blind Citizens Australia

Includes personal stories from people living with disabilities, pieces of advice, and topics about diversity in the community.

Podcasts are a great way not only to be informed but to be entertained as well. Access to information is made easy and accessible which empowers people living with disabilities to live life with independence and make informed choices.

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