Duties and responsibilities of disability support workers

Working in a disability sector requires heaps of duties and responsibilities but it can be very rewarding. Making an impact on one of the vulnerable members of society brings pride and honour. The support given by support workers varies as it is designed to tailor-fit according to the needs of the client. The tasks may vary but the goal is always the same- to provide appropriate support to ensure the wellbeing and promote independence to the individual living with a disability. This article will discuss the common duties and responsibilities of support workers who provide support for individuals living with disabilities:

Disability support worker

Most individuals living with disabilities are unable to perform personal care tasks, have mobility issues thus an increased need for support like supervision at home, attending appointments, doing grocery shopping, attending social and community events, doing grocery and shopping these are services and support a disability support worker can provide.


Support Coordinators

are NDIS service providers responsible for coordinating supports and services for participants. They also help in letting the participant identify the challenges, needs, set up NDIS goals, and address challenges by providing solutions through the right supports and services. They can also assist in dealing with service providers in terms of complaints of the quality of the service being rendered.

Case manager

is responsible for managing an assigned case and to ensure that the person receives the appropriate support/s. Some examples that a case manager covers are rehabilitation services and complex support planning. A case manager may also recommend changing the supports and services in accordance to the progress of the individual.

Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurses

Their roles require an in depth knowledge about certain support rendered to a patient. They are responsible in the assessment, planning and evaluation of the patient’s condition.

Specialist support

Are allied health professionals which are qualified and trained to provide specialised support to individuals living with disabilities. They are speech therapists, occupational therapists,physical therapists ,dieticians and more.

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