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Few things about Plan Management NDIS

1. Once you become an NDIS participant, you are entitled to have a Plan Manager included in your plan:

This allows you to get a fully qualified Plan Manager to sort out all your payments for you.

2. Plan Management is does not cost you any additional cost and it will not affect your NDIS funds:

The good thing about Plan Management is the fact that someone qualified does all the financial paperwork for you. Note that this service is totally free for you personally. Yes, it costs you nothing at all if you have “Improved Life Choices” in your plan. Many people question if this will have direct impact to other allocated funds. It is important to note that this service does not have any impact on your other funds because once Plan Management is part of your plan, an additional fund will be given to you as support for availing this service.

3. Plan Management goes together with Support Coordination?

It is important to know the difference between the two:

Support Coordination: connects you to the support and services you need according to your goals

Plan Management: supports you on the financial management of your NDIS plan.

Have you decided yet? You can always seek advice from your LAC or ECC about Plan Management. If you wish to add it to your plan, just simply request for it and choose “Improved Life Choices”.

Yogi Care is a registered NDIS provider that offers 100% Plan Management only. Be a part of our growing family and live a stress-free life.

Just email, or give us a call at 08 7082 5555.

398 Payneham Road, Glynde SA 5070

Our plan managers are professional accountants in public practice. Name of the public practice is Yogi Group Accountants & Business Advisors
Make Yogi Care Plan Management  your plan manager for plan managed NDIS. Let us help you take your stress out of NDIS. A holistic financial intermediary service 

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