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Finding and getting your house I

There are many existing supports for those wanting to live independently. The first type of support will be under the NDIS: SDA, SIL and ILO.

1. SDA – Specialist Disability Accommodation

Applying for SDA

1. Goal – Just like any other request for funding, the reason behind the request should be justified in relation to the stipulated goals of the participant. In this case, housing should be part of the goal.

2. Identify needs- The participant can work with the support coordinator or any health allied professional to identify the needs of the participants when living independently. Things like wider doors, wheelchair accessibility, ceiling hoists, and the likes.

3. Submit an application to the NDIA- Participant will have to wait for the NDIA’s decision as to whether or not the SDA is indeed fit for his or her NDIS related goals.

2. SIL - Supported Independent Living

This support is to help the participant improve the capacity of independent living. It is a shared accommodation where care is shared amongst the housemates.

Applying for SIL

1. Goal -Housing should be stipulated as one of the participant’s goals.

2. Provide pertinent information to the NDIA- needs, reports, and assessments as proof of the supports you will be needing.

3. Contact preferred service provider – The service provider will then be responsible for providing quotations for the house.

4. Submit application- once funding is approved, the funding will then be added to the participant’s plan.

4. ILO - Individual Living Options:

These are a great alternative to group home services as it focuses on the individual. These include living alone, co-residency, living together options

Applying for ILO

Has the same process when you apply for SIL.

Applying for home modifications

In the event that a participant would need home modifications to address his or her needs like changes to the structure or layout, the participant should provide quotes for modifications to the NDIA, as well as a recommendation from the allied health as additional proof that the modification will greatly help address the needs of the participant.

Other housing options :

Buying a home through Special Disability Trust

State Housing Services- National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) and the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

Social, public, and community housing

Rental Assistance and Bond Loan Assistance

Do you have an NDIS Plan and you need help accessing reliable service providers? Allow us to help you. Choose to be Plan Managed and get access to both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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