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Fitness apps for individuals with disabilities

It is important for individuals living with disabilities to stay active. With the uncertainty of this pandemic, more people would opt to stay at home. But staying at home does not mean being restricted to staying active. There are already apps that individuals with disabilities can use to help them be active and stay active even in the comforts of their home. Below are some of the apps we gathered and we hope that this information will be valuable and we be of great use to everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Is an app that aims to raise awareness of cerebral palsy by offering and showing workouts to individuals with a range of motor abilities. Individuals with cerebral palsy will have the opportunity to demonstrate adapted versions of exercise to accommodate their imitations so you see, they are not being restricted but certain modifications are made to inspire them to be active and stay active despite the barriers.

Fitness for Amputees

Is an app designed for leg and arm amputees designed by physiotherapists. This app does not require any special equipment as the individual only needs a mat, towel, and a ball. The app offers 3 modules for leg prosthesis wearers and 2 modules for arm prosthesis wearers. It also takes pride that the app offers a “personalized feature” as it allows the user to design a program that fits his/ her preference, choose preferred music, allows the user to set a reminder and keep track of the progress by giving sight of the number of exercises accomplished.

Physiotherapy Exercises

This app contains a wide array of physiotherapy exercises which comes with illustrations to show how to perform the recommended exercises correctly.


Is an app that contains videos and exercises designed specifically for wheelchair users and people with spinal cord injuries (SCI). The recommended exercises can be done with a trainer or caregiver in a gym.


In an app that caters to everyone -with or without disabilities. It is directed towards helping the user achieve the ideal body weight. The exercises do not require any special equipment and allow the user to customize routine exercises as well.

Leading to a healthier lifestyle should be the ultimate goal for everyone. When one is healthy, it helps you take one step closer to your goal towards independence.

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