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Gardening and the NDIS

Is everyone’s grass greener? how about making yours as well? Did you know that there are actually benefits you can get from simply mowing your lawn ? yes! you heard it right.. it poses benefits. This article will talk about the benefits of mowing your lawn, how to access NDIS funding and where to contact service providers?

What are the benefits of mowing your lawn?

· Good for you and the environment- ensuring that your grass is trimmed and well maintained will help keep away pests that pose risk to trees. It is a given fact that trees are important for cleaner air, thus, benefiting not only the environment but most importantly you.

· Promotes social interaction-mowing your lawn maximizes your space and gives you the opportunity for social interaction, having said that, it improves your mood, social skills, and quality of life.

To get the NDIS funding, your need for a gardener should be reasonable and necessary and is also directly related to your disability. You should have proof that the impact of your disability has caused you challenges to do the task, in this case, you may use your NDIS funding to pay for the service fee. The NDIS funds cover other household activities together with fees for your gardener under Core support-Assistance with Daily Living.

The NDIS may able to provide funding aside from mowing:

  • Weeding

  • Garden maintenance

  • Trimming edges

How do you access gardeners? Because most of them are sole traders, they are most likely non- NDIS registered. The good news is that when you are Self Managed or Plan Managed, this will be very easy for you as you can access all service providers.

If you have found yourself a gardener, here are some simple steps you should consider in order to ensure that everything is flawless, most especially that you will most likely be dealing with a non-registered service provider:

· Set up an initial meeting this is an opportunity for you and your service provider to set some expectations. An exchange of some information might also help so that you both will feel at ease like the preferred way on how the provider will access your property, days you prefer for the service to be rendered. These minute details are important since you will be welcoming him/her to your personal space.

· Validate the provider’s ABN

· Set up a service agreement- you may have 2 options for this part, either you make the service agreement or your provider has a readily available service agreement prepared for you. It is important that in your service agreement, the following should be stipulated: the type/s of services he/she will render, the rate, the schedule of the service, cancellation of scheduled booking, the process of canceling/terminating the agreement. You need to review all the details prior to signing the service agreement and ensure that you both have a copy of the service agreement

  • Ask if there is a discount for regular servicing

  • Make any arrangements for access such as unlocking the gate

Some important keynotes you need to remember about this funding :

  • The NDIS will not fund tips, cost of cleaning materials/equipment

  • If you live with others who are able to mow the garden, most likely the funding will not be approved since it is no longer necessary to pay for the service when someone who lives with you can do it

  • You may enlist a support worker to assist you with the task and claim funding

  • Most gardeners are likely sole traders, so you might want to consider being plan managed to free yourself from the stress of looking for a reliable gardener

  • Charging fee for gardeners are at an hourly rate, including GST

Need help with maintaining your lawn or garden but your disability is limiting or prohibiting you to perform the task? Talk to your LAC or your support coordinator to be able to receive funding


Do you need a reliable gardener to do yard works for you? Get Plan Managed with Yogi Care and access both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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