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Getting your driver’s license: the road towards independence

The road towards independence might be a long journey but there is no harm in taking baby steps to start working on it, right? Being able to navigate where you want to go and when you want to go without having to rely on others is a great sign of independence. Imagine having the freedom of not having to wait for someone to drive you to go to your appointment or visit your friends. Imagine that smell of independence! We have gathered some information that we hope will get you on the road to independence.

Just like any other funding, you need to have established during your plan meeting that one of your goals is to learn how to drive. This funding is under the Increased Social and Community Participation budget of the Capacity Building supports categories.

The first step is to get your learner’s license which differs between states. Getting this requires you to study and learn the road rules which may be via an online course or by reading a printed handbook .the next thing you have to do once you are ready is to take an online test, or in some states, it can be in a government office. As driving is not a right, but rather a privilege it has other requirements to attest that you are fit to drive. Road safety does not only encompass knowing the rules and familiarizing oneself with the signs, all drivers need to pass certain medical fitness requirements to be legally allowed to drive including:

  • Visual acuity

  • Cognitive function

  • Motor function

The next thing you will be going through is: Off-road assessment This step will gather information like your medical history, background, decision-making ability, and other skills related to driving. If you passed the assessment you may then start your lessons. The OT will provide lessons to help you learn safe driving skills.

Once you have completed the required number of hours and you have ticked and applied all the safe driving skills, you may now proceed with the practical driving test for your P-plates.

Do you need further details regarding obtaining your driver’s license? Talk to your LAC or support coordinator and they will be able to get you on the road!

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