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Helpful music apps for your child

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

One of the reasons why music offers therapeutic benefits is that it stimulates the hemispheres of your brain which increases social interaction and communication skills. Social and communication skills are common challenges that children with disabilities face. The good thing about technology is that we get to enjoy its benefits at the comforts of our home like its built-in apps or apps that can be downloaded in seconds. Below are some of the child-friendly apps that children living with a disability can benefit from.


It is a paid app wherein your child gets to make a personal tune by allowing the child to navigate notes and manipulate them according to your child’s preference. What is good about it is that it allows the child to save the tune he or she created and make revisions whenever he or she likes.

Ambient music

Allows engagement by simply taping the screen and it creates sound and visual ring patterns. The sound is suitable and relaxing that it calms the child, unlike other sound triggers.

Tap A Tune

This app allows the child to choose how he or she prefers to play the music. What also makes it engaging is that an animal sound is associated with each note.

Reactable mobile

Allows the child to experiment with music with the use of fingers to move the virtual blocks and create music.


Is an interactive app that allows the engagement of the child with other players. It works like a regular piano and allows the child to navigate the screen to adjust the notes according to his or her preference.


Is an app that allows the user to create music from scratch with the use of colorful images as musical building blocks.

Is a free app that allows the child to compose music by exploring patterns and symmetry in music.


Is a very fun way to use hands to trigger music in the air with the help of a Bluetooth device.


This is also an interactive app that increases social interaction as it allows other players. It allows the child to explore using different musical instruments.

There are a lot of available apps which can be used in conjunction with your child’s regular routine and it might be a very good idea if you involve him or her when choosing the app. It is important to note though that you need to seek advice from your child’s therapist to ensure that it will make an impact on your child’s growth and development rather than developing negative impacts. It is best that the use of these apps will still be regulated and will be supervised by you to ensure that your child is well guided.

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