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How to file a complaint

NDIS is all about inclusivity and support for those living with disabilities. In the event that a service provider fails to comply with the agreed service agreement, or fails to successfully perform their duties and responsibilities, the participant has the right to raise this. Having a disability does not limit the right to be heard.

Participants are in fact encouraged to give feedback regarding their experience with their service providers. The NDIA requires all service providers to have a complaints management and resolution system in place, this is to ensure that all service providers follow the standards, deliver excellent customer service to all its participants and take necessary actions to resolve the issues raised as quickly as possible.


A participant may be able to raise his or her concern with the following options:

Call 1800 035 544 or TTY 133 677.

Call the National Relay Service 1800 035 544.

Simply completing a complaint contact form.

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