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How to go about the NDIS OT functional assessment

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Having an OT Functional Assessment can be one of the keys you will be able to achieve your goals successfully. But what is an OT functional assessment? where do you begin? who do you need to tap? Well, we have gathered all the right information for you and we hope that this helps throughout your journey.

When a person has an existing disability that limits his/her capability to be independent, he/she may be referred for an OT functional assessment.

What are OT functional assessments for?

* To determine the current functioning state of the participant, challenges and develop recommendations to address the identified hurdles.

* This may also help support or solidify a diagnostic basis.

*Helps establish the level of supports.

* Helps identify the need for ATs.

* Guide compass for future therapies.

*Develop progressive goals for the client.

Where to begin?

1.You need to look for an OT to complete the functional assessment. You may navigate the NDIS website to look for service providers offering OT services.

2. The OT is then required to provide you with a service agreement which entails the summary of services to be provided, schedule of supports, cost of service, responsibilities of your OT, your responsibilities, details regarding the end of the service agreement, and details regarding providing feedback.

Ideally, you need to have your OT functional assessment done prior to your plan meeting, and request to have an OT functional assessment included in your NDIS plan. If your initial plan meeting has transpired already, you may use the assessment during your next plan review as the basis for the ongoing support you need. In some cases, funding may not be included in your plan then this assessment can be utilized as proof that you need the funding.

What to expect during my assessment?

Sessions may be done inside the clinic or in your home.

1.Your OT will have a lengthy discussion with you regarding:

self care management skills,home management ,community,work/study,leisure ,social engagement .Things will be asked like, how do you go about meal preparation? doing the groceries, paying the bills, going to church, are there any existing hurdles completing your school requirements? Are there existing challenges in the structure of your home that limit you?Are there any community activities that you wish to join but you just can’t due to specific challenges? You need to provide as much information as you can regarding how you go about these aspects, your goals, and what are the factors prohibiting you from doing/achieving such.

2. Your OT may ask you to execute some of your tagged difficult tasks so that he or she can document more in-depth details and attain solid recommendations regarding the different types of support that you will be needing.

3. Once all the recommendations are recorded, your OT will forward the report to the NDIA for their review.

Your OT functional assessment is a powerful tool for you and the NDIA to ensure that your funding, supports your long-term goals.

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