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How to shortlist Disability Support Worker?

Sure there are a lot of disability support workers made available for you but there is no such thing as one size fits all. Choosing for a disability support worker can be daunting for you and your family. This role do not actually encompass usual tasks like chores ,shopping personal care and helping out on social activities and outings but it also forms part of how you become confident, independent and empowered. You can enable a person to do things they never imagined. Yes! disability support workers are great enablers that is why it is important that you know what to look for when you are getting one for yourself or you are thinking about switching to a new disability support worker. We have come up with a checklist that you might want to tick going through this process:

  1. A good support worker should allow you to be independent-look for someone who is willing to take one step backward and allow you to do things on your own and not do all the things for you. Your partnership should aim towards making you independent and not dependent.

  2. A good support worker must foster an environment of inclusivity- look for someone who encourages everyone around you to speak to you directly ,instead of relaying the message to your support worker. In this way, it educates the community around you that your disability is not a hindrance to relate with other people. It is also beneficial on your end as it motivates you to become confident and take part in the community.

  3. A good support worker is resourceful- look for someone who can innovate solutions to your current needs like using PECS as enablers for communication, can re create the indoor into an outdoor like environment when you do not feel like going out.

  4. A good support worker has a growth mindset-look for someone who is all for your growth and sees all the possibilities you can do. Your support worker should be able to see the potential in your strengths and suggest ways on how to make progress on the things which you need assistance from.

If you are self or plan managed you have the liberty to access both NDIS and Non- NDIS registered service providers. You can search for the wide array of NDIS registered providers at For independent service providers which you want to access you can easily search them through google ad a lot of search finder tools will be able to lead you through.

Your disability support worker forms part in the actualization of your long term goals, make sure to make the right choice,and by right it means someone who can offer service that tailor fits to your needs. Along with this journey is ensuring that your disability support worker is paid in time,and we at Yogi Care NDIS Plan Management we understand that this should be one of things you need to tick off your list so that you can focus on yourself and goals. Allow us to take care of your financial workload ,be part of our family and get Plan Managed today at Zero cost from your pocket.

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