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I have NDIS Plan. What now?

Yay! you finally got your NDIS plan. The journey was a bit of a struggle and you do not want all your hard work to be put into waste. Remember that your plan is to support you to reach your goals, you must maximise it to your advantage. So, what’s next for you? Here are some points that we have listed which will guide you after you have received your NDIS plan:

1. Make sure that you understand your plan

The NDIS might have technicalities which you might not understand. Therefore, it is important that you know the 3C’s of how the budget is categorised: Core, Capital and Capacity Building. The usual terms such as choice and control, reasonable and necessary, early intervention and of course, understanding the “who is who” in the NDIS world will help you out throughout this journey. This may include the LAC/Local Area Coordinator and the ECC/Early Childhood Coordinator etc. Knowing the basic terms will help you understand your plan furthermore.

2. Keep the contact information of your LAC or ECC

By keeping the contact information of your LAC or ECC, you will be able to maintain your communication with them. This will allow you to press concerns or discuss urgent matters that you may need to raise in the future. In addition, keep a hard and softcopy of your plan. This will help you be reminded of what you are entitled with and what your goals are. This will also serve as your guiding tool to check whether you have covered everything you need in terms of support.

3. Contact service providers and make service agreements

Remember that your plan is 100% yours, meaning that you have the authority to choose freely of which service providers and what type of services you want to avail. (*the only catch when you are agency managed is that your choices of services will be limited to the NDIS registered providers only). If you feel the need to ask help from your family members in choosing the best or most fitting service providers for you, you are most welcome to do that. You can also ask the company’s protocol and values to ensure that they are aligned with yours.

You should also ensure to make Service Agreements with your service providers. This document is important because it relates what service/s you are availing, how many times you want to avail the service/s from the provider and of course how much will their service/s cost. These factors should be considered in order to maximise your NDIS plan.

Your NDIS plan is your key to opening many possibilities in achieving your goals. The power is in your hands but as they say, “great power comes with great responsibility”. One of the catches for this is that you or your family member will be doing a lot of paperwork which will eventually be a struggle. You might find yourself and your family stressed over doing a lot of admin work when in fact you should be focusing on yourself and your growth. Yogi Care is here to help you with your Plan Management. We will take care of all the paperwork and payments with no cost.

Choosing us would mean choosing a stress-free life for you and your family. Be part of our growing family today,

email us at or give us a call at 08 7082 5555.

398 Payneham Road

Glynde SA 5070

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