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Know your go-to-guy in your NDIS plan journey

You might come across some roles and terms when you talk about NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We understand that it can be overwhelming. We have enumerated some of the positions and the scope of their roles and responsibilities for you:

National Disability Insurance Agency is a government organisation that runs the NDIS. They are responsible in assessing the applicant’s eligibility for the NDIS, ensuring that the supports and services are reasonable and necessary for funds to be allocated.

2. NDIS Participant:

Someone who has a permanent disability or significant disability whose age fall between 0/newborn – 64 years old. However, if you are currently receiving DSP (Disability Support Pension) from your state, you may be required to provide evidence so that the NDIA can assess your eligibility for the NDIS.

3. Local Area Coordinator

Is someone who will help/assist the NDIS participant in building the NDIS plan. Once the grant has been given, the LAC will have a Plan Meeting with the NDIS participant; they will discuss the current needs, struggles and goals. It is also during the plan meeting that the LAC will present options on the different service providers available for the NDIS participant.

4. Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinator

Is someone who will help children and their families access support according to the needs of the child.

5. Service Provider

Is a person, a business or an organisation who delivers services to address any type of need/s to a disabled person. Service providers are classified into the NDIS registered and the non NDIS registered. Take note that being an unregistered provider does not correlate with the level of skills, professionalism or quality of their work. If you are Agency Managed/NDIA, you will not have the option to choose your preferred service provider. This limits you with set options. If you are Plan Managed or Self-Managed, you will have better options as you have the liberty to choose across all registered and non-registered NDIS service providers.

6. Partners:

A community-based organisation which works with the NDIA to also help guide NDIS participants with their plan.

7. Administrative Appeals Tribunal/ AAT:

Is a group responsible for government decisions; let’s say, you are not satisfied with the plan which you and your LAC have decided upon. This is where you can ask the AAT to review the decision.

Knowing the who’s and the what’s of the NDIS is crucial in your journey towards achieving your goals. During the process of becoming a NDIS participant, you will mostly likely be subjected to a lot of these terms.

By understanding each role, it will be easier for you to know your “go to guy”. In terms of your “go to guy”, Yogi Care offers 100% Plan Management.

If you wish to be a part of our growing family, please do not hesitate to call or email or call 08 7082 5555.

398 Payneham Road

Glynde SA 5070

Our plan managers are professional accountants in public practice. Name of the public practice is Yogi Group Accountants & Business Advisors
Make Yogi Care Plan Management  your plan manager for plan managed NDIS. Let us help you take your stress out of NDIS. A holistic financial intermediary service 

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