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Making things easy with LAC

The NDIS is like an entire ecosystem built specifically to support individuals in the disability sector. Aside from the many budget allocation, it has put in place, it also has “partners in the community” whose main goal is to assist the NDIS participants all throughout their NDIS journey. They are LAC/Local area coordinators, Support Coordinators, and Early Childhood Early Intervention Partners. For this article, let us zero in our discussion to LACs /Local Area Coordinators.

Local Area Coordinators do not form part of the NDIA, both are entirely different and perform different functions. Your LAC can:

· Helps you understand the details about your NDIS plan such as: defining the different budget categories, different types of supports available, and how to access it

· Acts as a connection between the participant and the NDIA

· Gathers information regarding your current situation to properly assist you during your Plan Meeting

· Ensures that you have the right supports in place that is aligned with your NDIS goals

· Helps in giving you service provider options

In the event that you did not qualify for the NDIS funding, you can still speak to your LAC and ask for options that are available for you in the community.

It is important to note that your LAC is not responsible for the approval of your funding nor responsible for case management.

What is the difference between LAC and an NDIA planner?

Just like everybody else, confusion may sometimes arise regarding the difference between a LAC and an NDIA planner, here is some information that may shed light on your questions:

· Your LAC is not directly employed with NDIA, while an NDIA planner is

· Your LAC cannot approve your plan, while an NDIA planner has the delegation to approve your plan

· Your LAC mainly focuses on working with you and your family for available support, while an NDIA planner may have a bigger scope in terms of function as he/she also makes decisions about supports with regards to NDIS legislation.

The role of your LAC is critical from Plan Meeting to Plan Review. Should you have changes you wish to apply in the midst of your plan, you may also seek help and advice from him/her.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you want to maximize your funds? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and allow us to help you go through the process smoothly.

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