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NDIS and the temporary transformation payment

What is TTP?

A TTP is a Temporary Transition Payment that replaces the TPO or Temporary Support for Overheads. This is available to providers of community access and community care and it is charged on top of the base rate price limit.

Who can be a TTP provider?

Providers will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Should be a registered NDIS service provider

  • Service prices should be published, as well as other pertinent details regarding the company like contact details

  • Complied and completed a yearly agency approved benchmarking survey

How does TTP work?

Every support item has two support items and two price limits:

  • The non-TTP items which are used by providers who are not compliant with the TTP conditions

  • The TTP items which are used by providers who are compliant with the TTP conditions

Where can I find TTP pricing in the NDIS price guide?

Information about the TTP Payment can be found on the NDIS price guide

The same with other funding, providers and the participant should agree and discuss any changes to be made which should be stipulated in the service agreement.

Do you need help with the management of your NDIS funds? Choose to be Plan Managed today and access both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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