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3 C's of NDIS

NDIS, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government scheme that solely focuses on people with disability.

The NDIS scheme aims to provide the financial support needed for people with permanent or significant disabilities, in order for them to develop new skills and achieve their desired goals and objectives.

The first step to getting the most out of this scheme depends on the plan which you and your LAC (Local Area Coordinators) or ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) coordinators agreed upon.

The NDIS allocates funds in 3 categories: Core, Capital and Capacity building.

A good plan starts with understanding the 3C’s of NDIS and identifying where your current needs fall.

1. Core support provides funding for basic disability-related needs. This budget allows you to access social support systems, daily life assistance, transport funding and consumables. The Support Category that covers Core support are: Assistance with social and community participation, daily life routines such as toileting, dressing, grooming and cooking along with daily management, specifically household cleaning and yard maintenance.

In addition, budgets for independent usage such as transportation and consumables like assistive technology are also included within the package.

2. Capital support is a budget which relates to investments that covers from assistive technology, vehicle modification and home modification .The Support Category that covers Capital support are the following: assistive technology and home modifications. Assistive technology are items which you can use for mobility. This may include technology that benefits you with; personal care, communication and recreational activities such as wheelchairs and vehicle modification.

3. Capacity Building Support budget covers all necessary support which will help you learn new skills to give you independence allowing you to achieve your goals. The support category that covers Capacity Building are: support coordination, home building, engagement in social community, employment, relationships, health and wellbeing, daily activities, lifelong learning and choice of control.

Choice of control is where plan management falls into place. When funded from NDIS, it can often be confusing and overall time consuming to manage fund usage accordingly. This is where the Yogi Care can help, for at no additional cost for you.

The whole process of NDIS is a never ending journey because it entails many responsibilities on your end, especially on the admin side. Since NDIS is for the benefit of you, the scheme is allowing you to get a service which manages the financial aspect of your NDIS funds – Plan Management at no additional cost for you.

If you are new to NDIS Plan or have recently reviewed the plan or like to discuss on plan management then contact us. We are here to help you and take your stress out of NDIS for you. We provide Plan Management which is holistic financial intermediary service in NDIS.

Yogi Care Plan Managers

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Yogi Care Plan Managers are professional accountants in public practice. The public practice's name is Yogi Group Accountants and Business Advisors

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