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NDIS service provider reports for participants

One of the roles as an NDIS service provider is to provide reports on the participant’s outcome. This is to ensure that participants get excellent service from providers, they get the right supports and services anchored to their needs and goals, and acts as proof of the progress of the patient.

When does an NDIS participant require a report from an NDIS Provider?

It is important to note that not all service providers are required to provide outcome reports, providers like cleaning services and gardening services. For service providers who are required to make outcome reports, they are expected to provide progress reports to the participant and NDIS at agreed times. This request should be stipulated in the Service Agreement which has been fully reviewed and agreed upon by the participant.

Service providers are expected to generate a report :

1. at the start of a plan -which stipulates the participant’s goals and objectives and

2. at the end of a plan for a plan review. This becomes a helpful tool that attests to the progress of the participant, what worked well, and what needs to be done. This will also serve as a good reference for insighting as to what are the challenges and new arising needs of the participant which forms part of the participant’s new goals.

According to the NDIS:

Providers may be requested to supply a progress report to the participant, demonstrating the outcomes achieved through their supports.

  • a summary of supports provided to the participant.

  • how the support has helped the participant achieve or work towards their goals - for example, how their functional ability has changed over the plan period.

  • whether the participant has been linked to any additional informal, community, or mainstream supports to help them achieve their goals.

  • barriers encountered during the plan period and the strategies implemented to resolve these.

  • any risk identified to the participant or others.

  • any evidence or other information that may be relevant for the NDIA to consider when determining reasonable and necessary supports.

  • justification for any recommendations of additional supports, including details of the proposed outcomes and any risks or impacts on other supports, if relevant.


Service provider charging for generating report outcome:

The time spent by the provider in making a report like -therapy report, may be charged at an hourly rate. Charging will be under “NDIA report” option in the Myplace portal.

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