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NDIS Support Coordination

A support coordinator is a service provider who lets participants understand and use their supports in their NDIS funding. Having a Support Coordinator funding depends on your need and circumstances. Let us see the many benefits of having a support coordinator things you might want to consider before having your plan meeting or in preparation for your plan review.

What are the benefits of support coordination:

1. Assists you in understanding and using your plan.

2.Guides you on how to maximize your plan.

3.Helps you access community and mainstream services.

4.Helps you achieve to become more independent.

5.Helps you connect with key people in your life to help you achieve your goals like family,carers and service providers.

6.Supports you in making decisions about your funding,when you want to use it, how you want to use it.

7. Helps you with service agreements and service bookings.

Your support coordinator should give you choice and control,respect you and should not make any decisions on your behalf.

There are 3 levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan: 1. Support connection-which helps you build your ability to connect with community funded supports.2. Support coordination-this will help you build the skills you need to understand the and maximize your plan.3. Specialist support coordination is for those with high level need of support. The coordinator can help you manage challenges you are experiencing I your environment and ensuring consistent delivery of service.

If you are self managed or plan managed you may explore the many options of service providers may it be NDIS or non NDIS registered service providers. Once you have chosen a support coordinator, you may opt to have a quick chat and assess if you fit. You may ask questions like : how will he/she support you in achieving your goals?,experience/s delivering supports,what are their prices, any protocols in sending notice of end of agreement?

Remember to practice choice and control, thus, ask as many questions as you want. If you are finally convinced that the support coordinator is the right fit for you, then have a service agreement in place .If by any circumstance, you are not happy with the service given by your support coordinator, you may switch to a new one.

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