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Need to cancel your scheduled NDIS service?

We understand that there are times where you must cancel a service. Whether if something urgent and important came up, not feeling well or you have totally lost track of your schedule. It is your duty and responsibility to know how to properly cancel a service. Knowing how to cancel services can pave way into getting other options from your providers on how to move forward with your cancellation.

In light of the pandemic, the NDIA has made few temporary changes in terms of cancellation rules to support both service providers and participants. It is the NDIS participant’s responsibility to notify the service provider 10 business days before cancelling the service. If this requirement is not met, the service providers can legally charge you the cost of the service.

What if you cancel the service less than 10 business days?

The best way is to meet up with your service provider and explain the cause/which led to the cancellation. Another option is for you to reschedule a late notice appointment which is much favoured than cancelling it. However, cancelling the service less than 10 business working days could mean that you still have to pay for the entire cost.

If you are Self-Managed, you must establish a dashboard. A dashboard is like a calendar of all your appointments but with a status on it:

- Create a physical calendar

- Notes in your journal or notebook

- Set an alarm on your phone

- Post your schedule somewhere in your house that is strategically located. For example: which part of the house do you usually go or spend more time after waking up?

- Place a visual calendar; This helps you guide on what to expect for the day or week.

- Input all your appointments may it be service bookings, tea with friends or therapy.

- Ask support from any of your family members to reinforce reminders. This does not mean total dependency because the key word here is to just reinforce you in terms of reminding your appointments.

The key to evading incidents like cancelling a booking is to establish your dashboard and ask reinforcement from your family members. If there are certain circumstances that requires you to cancel a booking, remember to cancel it at least 10 business days before the day of the appointment.

Managing your booking is a bit overwhelming. There will be a lot more burden from your side, if you have to juggle the aspects of financial management as well. Yogi Care is here to help at no cost because we want to support you in terms of the financial side of your NDIS. Let us help so that you are one step ahead to enjoy a stress-free life.

Be part of our growing family and we will be very happy to assist you with your needs, email us: or give us a call at 08 7082 5555.

398 Payneham Road, Glynde SA 5070

08 7082 5555

Our plan managers are professional accountants in public practice. The public practice name is Yogi Group
Make Yogi Care Plan Management  your plan manager for plan managed NDIS. Let us help you take your stress out of NDIS.

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