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New year new changes

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The NDIA is making a few changes for people wanting to access the NDIS funding and it is expected to take effect mid - February this year. The aim of these changes is to make the process simpler, faster, and flexible. This article will focus on the discussion of the relevant changes made by the NDIA.

Changes in the NDIS access process:

· All individuals over the age of 7 will be referred for an independent assessment

· Independent assessments will replace the disability access lists to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria

A quick recap on Independent Assessments

An independent assessment is an assessment of the individual’s capacity to carry on tasks and how the disability impedes his/her functional capacity. It will paint the picture of the different aspects of the individual’s life in order to get a holistic evaluation. The result of the assessment will be used to determine the person’s eligibility and funding.

How does it work?

· The NDIA will pay for the assessment

· It will be carried out by a qualified health professional who is not in any way connected with the NDIA nor someone who is currently treating the individual

· A standardized tool will be used when conducting the assessment

· Age and the disability will be determining factors as to how many of the assessment tools will be used

· Assessments can be done either face to face or over the phone


· Providing pertinent documents like- evidence of age, residency, and disability with your access request form, health professional’s advice as to whether or not the disability will most likely have permanent impact/s

· NDIA will still be the decision body for the person’s eligibility of the NDIS funding

· Review and appeals process will remain the same

With the proposed changes, these will then be the new access process for the NDIS funding :

· Submit Access Request form along with your proof of evidence -age, residence, disability, and advice from your doctor

· If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be referred to the independent assessment

· NDIA will assess your application

· The decision of your application will then be communicated to you

In the event that an existing NDIS participant will have light changes due to a change in circumstances or need additional funding, he/she will be required to complete an independent assessment.

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