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Online Forums: Making its way

With the advent of technology and the new norm, it is no surprise that there are a lot of online communities emerging most specially for people with disabilities. They serve as a support system to provide a safe and fun platform and provide information to access support and services .These are very helpful as people living with disabilities mostly have mobility issues thus limiting their outlet to express themselves and interact with other people .These online communities promot a secure and safe environment which fosters empathy and understanding. Now let us see a few online communities which are based in Australia.

is focused on youth from 10 to 20 years old living with disability. It also allows their families and carers to connect to other families and carers living or taking care with an individual living with a disability. The host is trained to facilitate the forum and is responsible to maintain safe environment for all participants to express their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Livewire is a safe online platform while providing a positive environment for everyone.

2. Chronic Pain Australia

Is focused in providing support and resources for people suffering with chronic pain. It provides research based information with variety of discussions about chronic pain, its management, medication ,recipes and the likes. Members will also have access to links to studies

3.AT Chat

Is an online platform which connects AT users. What better way to make informed choices when purchasing for your AT is to hear it from users themselves. It is a venue to share stories on how their purchased AT provides them with benefits and how it has help them alleviate the barriers of everyday living due to their disability.

4.Mind Australia

Focuses on mental health and wellbeing. The forums are monitored 24/7 by mental health professionals. Participants are allowed to share both their winning stories as well as their challenges and take it as wonderful insights from people suffering from mental illness as well. The forum is divided into two- for those living with the disability and the other one is intended for those carers and family members. Mental health professionals can also engage to participants by hosting a live chat and this forum will allow the participants to ask their questions and get professional advice and medical updates pertaining to their condition.

5. HealthfulChat

Is a live chat for people with disability and chronic illness. It aims that these two groups will foster a positive relationship by supporting and understating each other. The live chat rooms differ according to its topics and participants will then choose according to their preferred topic.

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