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Organisations that support employment, provide mentoring or help start a business:

In the previous article, we spoke about the many support system available for individuals living with disabilities. This article will focus on the different support systems for those needing support in terms of employment and business.

  • Mind Your Business (by InCharge)

The company consists of family members, individuals with disabilities who provide opportunities, assistance, and programs that tackle turning ideas into business, business mentoring, how to find an ideal office space, how to find and purchase equipment fit for the business and the likes.

  • National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program

Assists individuals living with disabilities in terms of providing access to education and be employed in the long run.

  • Workways NDIS Employment Services

Provides individualized support which focuses on developing abilities and skills to set up individuals living with disabilities to become job-ready.

  • Uni 2 Beyond

Focuses on research, workforce initiatives, and clinical practice that voices disability policy and its implementation.

Focuses on providing support in the growing mental health sector as well as disability and community services workforce.

Focuses on equipping individuals living with disabilities to develop their skills and abilities in preparation for employment. Their programs include computer skills, job application skills and even marketing an individual’s business.

Focuses on providing training programs and supported employment for people living with a disability.

Focuses on the individual’s business inclination anchored to his or her passion, skills, and situation. They focus on helping individuals discover their passion, strategize marketing ideas, launch and test products, and the likes.

  • Valued Lives Micro-enterprise Project

Is an organization that has an online platform that supports business owners who have businesses. They allow individuals to market and advertise their business on the company’s website which is free of charge. They also have micro-enterprise hub space which allows community members to share office space located at the hub.

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