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Personal care supports and the NDIS

Some people with disabilities are impacted with their daily life function like not being able to move freely due to their condition. The NDIS is designed to support people with disabilities in every aspect including providing personal care. Because we often mention personal care in most of our blogs, this article will tackle a little deeper about this support. So what is NDIS personal care? It is a variety of services and assistance to people with disabilities with their daily personal activities. The service can be delivered in a variety of settings from home, school, social activities, employment, or even during special occasions.

Some examples of personal care including but not limited to :

· Managing personal hygiene-showering, bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, dressing

· Assistance with eating and drinking

· Assistance with the use of mobility aids

· Assistance with appliances

· Assistance with toileting and bowel management

· Assistance with attending to school, appointments, or any social activities

· Assistance with mobility at home like getting out of bed or going to and from the bathroom

The NDIS funds the basic supports and services needed by people with disabilities but in some cases, it may cover the expenses for participants who require higher levels of care and support. And just like any other funding, the NDIA will be looking at some considerations like the medical condition of a participant and its impact, behavioral concerns, number of support workers required to fully assist the participant.

Providing personal care to people with disabilities provides benefits to people with disabilities:

· Promotes dignity

· Promotes good overall health and well- being

· Helps achieve and maintain a quality of life

Personal care plays a significant part in the participant’s success in his/her NDIS journey. It does not only provide physical benefits but it covers the holistic well-being of the participant, thus, it is important to choose the right support worker/s. When a participant is Plan Managed it provides a wide array of choices of service providers which he/she can choose from.

Allow us to help you. Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and access our list from NDIS registered service providers to non-registered service providers.

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