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Purchasing an iPAD

Todays’ new norm resulted to an increase need to purchase gadgets or equipment that will aid and facilitate learning ,access services and supports in the comforts of our home. Individuals living with disabilities can still have access to supports and services despite covid restrictions. This article will specifically discuss about purchasing an Ipad or AT in relation to the person’s disability related needs.

Who can buy an iPad or therapy-related equipment?

1. The equipment will act as a tool that allows the participant to continue receiving NDIS funded supports like therapy-teletherapy.

2. The equipment or device is necessary to continue supports to comply the physical distancing requirements.

3. Gives value for money that will enable the client to continue receiving the supports and services.

4. Equipment or device is not funded by any state related support or another service system.

5. The participant still do no have the existing equipment or device.

Purchasing an Ipad or device for self managed and plan managed participants

1. Call the service provider.

2. Choose the specific ipad model you want that will fit your funding allocation ($750 including the case)

3. Service provider will ask for your details-name, phone an delivery address.

4. Service provider will ask you for the name and email address of the person who needs to receive the invoice.

o This will be your name and address if you are self-managed.

o If you are plan managed, it will be the details of your plan manager

5. Self managed participants will process the invoice and get the payment for the device purchased and will then forward the payment to the service provider. For Plan Managed participants ,the Plan Manager will process the invoice and will make the necessary payment for the device purchased.

6. The iPad or device will be dispatched for delivery as soon as they receive payment for it.

Budget supports charging for device purchase

Participants may charge it to CORE supports budget- Consumables. For those who only have capacity building funding can use Low cost AT to support capacity building.

Items not covered by the NDIS funding:

· Headphones

· Internet/data

· Screen protectors

· Additional charger

· Extra battery

· Connection cables

· Extra specifications-as NDIS will fund the lowest specification

· Device is not in any way related to the disability

· Device which are supported with existing state or government support

· Participant has an existing device or equipment already

In the event that the participant wishes to rent a device instead of purchasing it, then this should be possible as long as it costs more than $100.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you need help in purchasing your AT?Allow us to help you get that device in a flawless way..Choose Yogi Care .

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