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Screen readers for the visually impaired

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Screen readers are considered assistive technology (AT) software applications that will benefit the visually impaired. It processes information by interpreting information on the screen allowing access to information to individuals who are visually impaired. This interpretation is relayed to the user as text-to-speech or braille output. Screen readers are individually unique from each other as it offers different features. This article will share some information on screen reader programs that you might want to consider.

Benefits of screen readers

· Easier access to information- personal documents and apps

· Tailored fit for visually impaired

· Can be used in schools or for work

· Scan and read documents independently

· They usually come with Braille

Some examples of AT software:

1. Orca

Is a free screen reader software that anyone can download

2.Non-visual Desktop Access

It’s a free portable screen reader which allows the user to email, navigate social media, music players, and Microsoft programs.


Is a screen reader which uses Linux’s operating system which integrated an added text-to-speech feature.


Allows the user to check emails, navigate social media anywhere.

5. Apple VoiceOver

Is an accessibility feature that describes the images and graphics displayed on the screen. It allows the user to use the tapping method as a means to exchange information with the gadget. A single tap will allow the phone or iPad to read the icon the user touched, double-tap means confirming the icon you selected, double-tap with three fingers means to toggle speech command and etc. It is very versatile that it allows the user to change the speaking /reading rate, the verbosity, how words are pronounced, choose a voice over language, and many more.

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