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SDA Checklist

An emotional connection is important when you consider SDA. Emotional satisfaction comprises a lot of factors such as the vibe of the new house, how the house is fitted to your disability needs, the vibe of your housemates, and the likes. Here we have gathered some checklist that you might want to consider when you finally decided that SDA is right for you.


Questions to ask:

  • The physical structure of the house: does it have enough outdoor space to relax and do recreational activities? does it have additional built-in accessories that will allow you to move independently around the house? Are the rooms strategically planned to accommodate your mobility issues? How about the bathroom and toilet? Does it have rails to help you perform your own personal care tasks?

  • Condition of the house: Does it look clean? is it well maintained, is it safe?

  • What are the things you needed to supply? For example, bedding, linen, mattresses, recliners, and beds?

  • Accessibility: Is there access to a vehicle?

  • Location: Is the house close to local services, public transport, and health facilities?


If you’ll be moving into shared accommodation, then you’ll need to consider the following to ensure that you will attain a good vibe before considering moving into the residence

Questions to ask:

  • Activities: what activities are usually done and enjoyed by the residents, how often?

  • Atmosphere: does it have a homey feel, warm and welcoming environment?

Support system

This covers the people who will provide you with the support that comes with the home.

Questions to ask:

  • Qualifications: What training and accreditations do the staff have? How are they trained to cater to the individual needs of the residents?

  • Experience: Are the staff equipped with not only expertise but experiences as well? How long?

  • Availability: Are the staff available that suit your needs?

Rental arrangements

It is important to know what financial responsibilities you need to comply with when you choose SDA, through this, you will be able to plan out your finances and funding properly.

Questions to ask:

  • Monthly rent: how much? payment process?

  • Miscellaneous expenses: utilities, additional services?

  • Agreement: when do you start paying? Is there a specific schedule that they are expecting your payment?

  • House rules and restrictions: are you allowed to bring pets? how about visitation protocols? Shared items?

Do you need help in accessing service providers? Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and access both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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