Sensory equipment and the NDIS

Sensory equipment is nothing new to most of the NDIS participants who experience a variety of sensory disorders. It can help the person develop motor skills, life skills, and functional skills. This article will focus on the discussion on sensory equipment and how to use your NDIS funding to obtain it for your child.

Some examples of sensory equipment

spaghetti balls

stress balls



squeeze balls

finger paints

therapy band

air cushion seats

Benefits of sensory equipment


Squishy sensory equipment helps the child appreciate the concept of the sense of touch



It allows the child to play and discover the equipment on his or her own, thus, developing self-confidence, boosts self-esteem while reducing or eliminating anxiety


It allows your child to play while developing ng fine motor skills as these equipment are designed to strengthen fine motor skills. allow your children to experience playtime while working to strengthen and develop their fine motor skills


Experiences gathered because of new texture taste and the likes will help the child develop communication as well which will then pave the way to improving social skills as they will be encouraged to share their experiences with other peers

Sensory equipment and the NDIS

If you have funding under AT, you may use it to purchase for low cost AT or consumables as long as it is reasonable and necessary, related to your disability and the cost should be less than $1500

How to purchase sensory items

If you are Agency managed, everything comes from the NDIS -meaning you will only be limited to purchase from NDIS registered service providers and the NDIS will pay them directly. If you are self-managed you have the option to purchase items from NDIS registered or non-registered service providers, and then you process the documents needed to have yourself reimbursed with the expense. The beauty of plan managed is that you get the best of both worlds: you get to choose a wide array of service providers: registered and non-registered and your plan manager will do all the paper works and payment for the equipment you bought.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you need assistance in purchasing sensory equipment? Choose to be plan managed with Yogi Care and allow us to help you live a stress-free NDIS journey.

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