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SERVICE PROVIDER GUIDE: Becoming an independent support worker

Benefits of being an independent support worker:

More affordable to participants

Participants can negotiate rates

Participants can negotiate hours

Participants get more flexibility

Requirements needed to become an independent support worker:

1. ABN

An independent worker or a contractor is responsible to get their own Australian Business Number for legal and tax purposes. The application is easy and can be done online. Once you have completed the form and have filled in all the necessary information, you can just easily submit the form online and you should be able to receive your ABN number within the day.


As a contractor, you are required to get personal insurance. If your service includes driving the participant’s personal vehicle you need to ensure that you are listed as a nominated driver.

3. Invoice

Part of your responsibilities as a service provider is providing an invoice to the participant. This document is proof that the service has been performed, the rates that apply, and the amount that the client will be charged. You will most probably be dealing with self-managed and plan-managed participants as NDIA-managed clients are limited to NDIS registered service providers only. When sending the invoice of a self-managed client- you just need to directly send it to the participant and he or she will be responsible for filing it to myportal for reimbursement, once the refund is made available to his or her account the participant will then settle the invoice you sent. If your client is plan managed, all you have to do is to send the invoice to the plan manager of your participant and the plan manager will be the one filing the invoice and will pay you.

4. Service Agreement

This is an important document as it stipulates the details of the service you provide, the charges, cancellation terms, and end of contract conditions and processes.

5.Working with children check and Police check

Being able to obtain these documents is vital in giving assurance to your clients that you have clear records and proper screening has been done to allow you in working with children or with other clients. Application for these are easy, fast, and can be done online.

​The difference between a contractor and an employee

It is important that if you want to be an independent support worker, you are aware of the difference between a contractor and an employee as the two have different legal, financial, and tax obligations. An independent support worker or a contractor is someone:

· Determines what work should be done

· Hours of work needed for the job to be done

· Has his or her own ABN

· Files his or her own tax

· Comes in terms directly with the participant or guardian

· Files invoice

· Has his or her own tools and equipment

· Has his or her own insurance

Are you an independent support worker and you want to add relevance to your clients? Choose Yogi Care as your service provider partner and we will assure you that we will ensure to provide excellent customer service to your clients.

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