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SERVICE PROVIDER GUIDE: How to charge non face to face activities

There are times where service providers need to conduct non-face-to-face activities to better serve the participants, like phone call interviews to gather more information, writing reports for the gathered information, and sending emails to the participant or to the NDIA. The time spent on these services is essential and required most especially when the participant is not physically present.

The cost of non-face-to-face activities is unique to every participant, depending on the need. Therefore, service providers cannot just give a uniform charging to everyone.

NDIS non-face to face activities that can be charged:

· Charges should be in accordance with the NDIS price guide

· Service is reasonable and necessary

· Charges are agreed upon by both parties

· the time spent:

1.on an activity that helps the provider deliver a specific disability support item,

2. to write reports about the client’s progress do research about the client’s condition, needs, and how to properly address it

NDIS non-face to face activities that cannot be charged

  • Time spent in processing the invoice

  • Training costs, and upskilling of staff

It is important to note that there are some administrative activities that are not billed as non-face to face activities but can be charged under separate funding as they are covered by the NDIS price limits:

  • Developing and agreeing to Service Agreements

  • Pre-engagement visits

  • Entering or amending participant details into the system

  • Making participant service time changes

  • Staff/participant travel monitoring and adjustment

  • Making service bookings and payment claims

It is important that both parties understand the ruling that billing can only be done once the non-face-to-face service or activity has been rendered. Service providers may charge the fee under non-face-to-face in the Myportal account.

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