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Social and recreational NDIS supports

Social and recreational activities are important for individuals living with disabilities. Whether the individual enjoys sports, theatre, music, art these are great to help develop skills and gain social and community engagement. This article will focus on social and recreational supports funded by the NDIS.

What are social and recreational activities? These are activities like:

  • Sports like volleyball, basketball, golf, bowling

  • Learning new skills such as playing an instrument

  • Art classes like woodworking

  • Crafting classes

  • Relaxation classes like yoga

  • Going out to a concert, the theatre or movies

  • Joining a sport club

  • Joining coaching sessions

  • Going to shops, art galleries, museums, or exhibitions

  • Joining social outings

Benefits of social and recreational activities

  • Builds strong connection

  • Helps build social skills

  • Stimulates cognitive activity

  • Helps develop new skills

  • Helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improves overall health

  • Improves well being

Supports the NDIS may fund

As with other NDIS related supports and services, it should always be within the grounds of what is reasonable and necessary as defined by the NDIS. Participant may be able to have funding for supports that he or she needs in order to participate in activities due to his or her disabilities These include:

  • Specialized equipment like wheelchair basketball, sledge, adaptive sailing

  • modification of equipment

  • Capacity building skills

  • A support worker

  • Transport funding

What the NDIS generally won’t fund

The NDIS will not generally fund the cost of the activity itself. That’s because other people have to pay these costs as well. It won’t fund:

  • The cost of activities-entrance fees, membership fees

  • Standard equipment

  • Support for a participant that can be rendered by their informal supports

If you have goals related to social and recreational supports, then the funding is under Core budget. For specialized or modified equipment, you may have access to funding for ATs.

Do you need help with your NDIS funding? Worry not, as we are here to help you. Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care so that you can focus on your goals and not on your funding.

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