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Sports and the NDIS

As the different types of therapies prove high therapeutic benefits, sports are undeniably one of the recreational activities that an individual with a disability can benefit from…and can access too through the NDIS funding! Before deep-diving into how the NDIS funds playing sports for participants, let us first discuss the benefits of sports to individuals with disability:

· Improve gross motor skills- for most individuals with a disability often struggle to perform controlled movements, this is where playing sports can be of great benefit as it enhances their motor skills by increasing strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance

· Improve social skills-as playing any kind of sport requires camaraderie with others, this increases the opportunity of allowing the individual to socialize, cooperate, communicate and deal with others. Most of the time, individuals with disabilities fail to participate in social activities, hampering their ability to improve their communication skills. Engaging in sports can overcome this obstacle by providing them with the ability to engage in social interactions, develop friendships and initiate social skills

· Improve emotional well-being-playing sports is more than releasing happy hormones but it also improves self-esteem and confidence. Winning in sports or even being able to do techniques related to their chosen sport give them the feeling of satisfaction and increase their perception of their ability to excel and do more

Playing sport and the NDIS funding

The NDIS can provide funding to allow the participant to engage in sports, it is by either funding sporting activities or funding your sporting equipment.


Sporting activities

Increased Social & Community Participation and Assistance with Social & Community Participation

1. Increased Social & Community Participation -sports activities like fitness classes, fitness coaching or exercise coach, or other activities that will help you develop a skill

2. Assistance with Social & Community Participation is a core support-this funding is designed to assist the participant to join with activities, meet new people and have fun

Sporting equipment

In some instances, participants may need to access specialized sporting equipment, funding may come under one of two categories:

1. Daily Adaptive Equipment-these are “off the shelf” products/equipment but require additional fee or charge because of the modifications required to assist your needs . Participant will cover the cost of the basic product and the difference will be covered by the NDIS

2. Assistive Technology-these are products or equipment that will come from a specialist disability supplier, in most cases,

these are more costly and complex than that of the daily adaptive equipment

Engaging with sports is very beneficial and it is something a participant would not want to miss. It is important though that you have established goals from the start and that you have clearly demonstrated how sports can help you with your journey. Most providers of sporting activities are not NDIS-registered, thus, this is where Yogi Care can help you.

Do you want to know how to use the funds the best way? Get Plan Managed with Yogi Care and access both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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