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Statement of Outcomes discussed

Statement of Outcomes is a report given to you by your current providers which entail the details of your goals,progress and moving forward plans.

You need to have your statement of outcomes ready during your plan review . Now, there is a difference between a plan meeting and plan review. Plan meeting ideally happens right after your NDIS funding has been granted, and you will be discussing your goals and needs with your LAC or Support Coordinator. A plan review is a review of the plan you had during your plan meeting or your current plan . It identifies the current supports and services being rendered and how these played important role in the actualization of the goals you set. Statement Outcomes is very important as this will serve as the foundation of your new plan which will be the basis of your funding .The NDIA will particularly factor in : your progress, moving forward plans and any other recommendations for additional support to achieve your goals.

To be prepared for your plan review , you need to do the following :

1. Contact your service providers ahead of time.You may also seek help from your support coordinator to assist you in requesting for your statement of outcomes to all your service providers on your behalf.Service providers are already aware what statement of outcomes are.

2. Ensure that you check or verify how much the service provider will charge you for generating this report. This can be done in 2 ways, refer to your service agreement with your provider or simply call them and ask for their fee.

3. Decide whether you want to sit in with them when crafting your outcomes report or you are giving them the authority to do so and then you just have to review it on your end once they are done. If you want to collaborate with them during the drafting stage, then you agree with your service providers your preferred schedule and venue.

The NDIS Statement of Outcomes report can have a significant influence on your NDIS funding, so you need to ensure that you agree with the content and that it covers all the information the NDIA need to make their assessment.

It is expected that all service providers you deal with will be providing you with statement of outcomes. It is important to note that the following should be included:

1. Supports provided .

2. How the support/supports act as enabler towards the achievement of your goals.

3. Challenges experienced during the plan period

4. Solutions provided or actions taken to resolve the challenges

5. Other pertinent information that may be relevant for the NDIA to consider the supports and services you will be needing for your next plan.

6. Recommendations of additional supports.

7. Details of the proposed outcomes and how it is corelated with your goals.

Once the report has been generated , ensure that you have reviewed every detail and that you agree with what has been stipulated, as this

report can have a significant influence on your funding. Coming up with your statement of outcomes

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